Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift surgery or mastopexy raises the breast by lifting excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissues to reshape the breast.

Why do breasts sag?

Breasts sag because of many reasons. Muscles of breast tissues may sag in time. Weight gain or loss, breast feeding and gravity are some of the reasons of breast sagging. Causes of the problems may be breast tissue, skin or both of them but the result is sad for patients.

What should I do before I decide to have Breast Lift Surgery?

If you decided to have breast lift surgery first, you should be tested and examined to make sure that you do not have any illness that would be an obstacle for having this surgery. If test results are normal the patient may undergo breast lift surgery. The patient should stop taking blood thinner medicines at least 1 week before surgery. Patient should also reduce or if possible quit drinking alcohol and smoking.

How does surgeons perform this surgery?

Breast lift surgery should be planned according to the size of breast, extent of ptosis of skin, excess skin and patient’s approach towards scars. In breast lift surgery, sagging breast’s tissue is reshaped and excess skin is removed if necessary, so that nipple is placed where it should be.

What kind of anesthesia is used for Breast Lift Surgery?

Anesthesia methods depend on the surgery’s type. Generally, doctors use either under sedation method or general anesthesia.

Does the surgery leave visible scars?

Breast lift surgery leaves scars around nipples or for some cases, under the breast. These scars start to disappear as the skin turns back to its natural color so they become less visible.

The surgery is performed in a hospital under anesthesia. It takes 1,5-2 hours and it leaves scars depending on the extend of ptosis.

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